Winter may be upon us here at Lake Anna, but the fish are feeding!

According to bass angler Charlie Taylor here is the fishing outlook for January/winter “LAKE ANNA – Bass and stripers are on the feed on the cold side. Fish the main lake points below the 208 bridge with jumbo minnows, live shad, jig ‘n pig or shaky heads. Top water baits, such as the Zara Spook, will take stripers, while small Hopkins spoons, fished on the bottom, will take perch, crappie and bass. Patience is required, but good stringers are coming from the lake. At least one report has stripers and bass being taken at Dike 3 on the Alabama Rig. Look for larger bass and stripers on submerged islands and humps in the main creek channels. Yellow perch are also schooling up in the creeks, with Contrary Creek being one of the better areas.”

Mr. Taylor also sends a stern warning to all fisherman concerning hypothermia “Hypothermia is a constant companion for anglers who don’t take proper precautions with clothing. Dress in layers to provide air spaces for insulation between layers. Whenever you fish in this type of weather, please wear Life Jackets, don’t fish alone and inform someone on land where you will be fishing and when you will return.”